Our Approach

At Mayfair Global Solutions we identify high upside opportunities and look to launch new businesses with great people; leveraging technology and access to capital. 

What We Focus On

World-Class People

We believe the key to success in business is world-class people; which is why we only hire and partner with the best. Core to our strategy is building leadership teams that are disciplined, organized and entrepreneurial.


We look for high upside opportunities and industries that are currently underperforming from either lack of innovation or antiquated processes. The implementation of technology is critical to our companies gaining a competitive edge. 

Capital Financing

The life blood of any business is capital. We believe growth comes when companies have found "industry market fit" and have great leadership teams with access to capital. We make sure our companies have the capital they need to grow.

Emerging Markets Have High Upside Opportunity 

The global economy is changing at an unprecedented pace and the so-called 'emerging markets' have, in many ways, already emerged. In this decade, emerging markets will create more than 1.3 billion new middle-class consumers. Home to most of the world’s population and natural resources, emerging markets represent a must-win area for both local and multinational companies.

Primary Sectors of Focus






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