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What We Focus On 


We believe our greatest asset is unrivaled on the ground intelligence and strong local partners. Information is critical to our success but equally as important is strong in-country teams that can execute at a high level.


The life blood of any project is capital. We leverage intel and technology to identify Tier 1 opportunities, but it takes capital to turn green-fields into tangible assets. Human intelligence and technology, require capital to work.


We leverage cutting edge technologies to reduce our costs and increase efficiency and speed of exploration. Our ability to implement and use technology more effectively then our peers is critical to our success and gives us an edge.

Gold Mining

Our Approach

At Mayfair Global Solutions we leverage on the ground human intelligence and critical in-country relationships, along with technology and capital to succeed.

Demand For Battery Metals 

To Jump 500% By 2050

According to the World Bank, mining the over 3 billion tons of minerals and metals the world will need by 2050 to keep up with battery demand is seen as the only path to limiting global warming to 2°C or less and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Metals of Focus






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